correct date and time of files

imagine, you are somewhere with your video camera or photo device. some old equipment – and yes: some new hardware, too  – forget the date and time configurations after changing the battery.

this happend a fellow few weeks ago. he took a lot of videos and photos after changing the battery in this worlds somewhere, think it was a guided holiday tour in namibia.

so he came back with his over 800 photos and videos, made with a small handy cam, but some hundrets with a date like 2009-01-01 and so on. the special in this situation is, that all following pictures, made with the same battery, have the correct time distance, just many years in the past.

to go further picing the objects in a digital album, you need a correct date to sort the files: the create date or the last write date.

and this can be done by back4future (download like below this article). a small tool to select a reference file – the oldest one – and choose a best date of this reference file, e.g. „ah, this one i have made there on a saturday afternoon, about 6 45 pm. just set this date-time-configuration and choose the folder with all other false-dated files. now you can reflect the timespan between the should-be-time and the false time to the other files.


Picture: the programs second tab

i have tried it with some german-speaking operating systems but i have never tried it with foreign-lanuaged windows systems… uhm.

just take it and use it. please work only with backup copies of your files, in case of copies, the last-write-date will not be corrected by the copy-progress – point for us! yeah!

you can contact me in case of questions with the mail-adress mentioned in the help in the software. maybe you can get the sources. make sure to install .NET-Framework 4.51.

good luck.

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Download back4future as a zip including program and manual